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About us

ITSELECTA is an IT recruitment consulting agency that delivers top talent for your IT outsourcing or in-house project. We provide customized recruiting strategies following your specific needs.

We also build long-term relationships with our candidates which enable us to have a solid IT talent pipeline at your disposal to maximize your Recruitment ROI.

Based in Krakow (Poland), our international team of skilled recruiters and business developers deal with different markets with one objective in mind: solving your challenges and helping you to build internal and external IT and multilingual teams.

Our values

In the first case, ITSELECTA implements a rigorous plan for business development where it is in regular contact with its customers, that vary from corporations to founded start-ups, to know the ideal candidate they are looking for, the methodology of employment and the details of the deal. Based on that, tailored interviews and projects are created and assigned to ITSELECTA members. Here’s when the magic happens: the team has access to a great database of candidates, collected and divided based on their strengths and career expectations. If this would not be sufficient, the recruitment starts through various platforms and tools.

In the second case, that is finding the right vacancy for candidates, ITSELECTA screens every CV and contacts each possible candidate listening to its expectations and needs, thus offering the most suitable job offer available. If the vacancy requires a specific language level, ITSELECTA is able to assess it in most of the cases thanks to its multicultural team that is able to cover most of the EU spoken languages. Once the candidate is presented to the company, the team is always available for extra support.

The success of ITSELECTA IT recruitment firm depends on an international team of skilled recruiters and business developers
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